Mr. Whiskers

 Breed: Domestic Long Hair - gray and white

 Secondary Breed: -- No Secondary Breed --

Sex:  Male


Size:  Medium

*Date of Birth:  5/1/2016


Where did this Cat come from? 

Reason for surrender? 

Does this Cat get along with children?  UNKNOWN

Does this Cat get along with other dogs?  UNKNOWN

Does this Cat get along with cats?  YES

Other important information:  FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT BRITTANY AT 908-399-1698 OR EMAIL Whiskers is a handsome, long-haired cat that showed up at our doorstep in Pondview Development, Great Meadows, in the spring 2017, looking for food and wanting to come inside the house. When I started sitting outside with him while he ate his dinner, Mr. Whiskers would climb into my lap, wanting to be petted and his nose rubbed. We brought Whiskers inside our house in June 2017, and took him to Fredon Animal Hospital for a full check-up. The vet confirmed that he is a healthy, one+ year old male that tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV. Whiskers is neutered and up to date on all of his shots. He loves to snuggle and be brushed, as well as enjoys playing with strings and ping pong balls! Whiskers is very good with other cats. We have not had him with dogs or children, but he is very calm and docile. We have 4 other cats, all rescues/drop-offs, and unfortunately, cannot keep another wonderful cat. Hoping someone would be willing to adopt this sweetheart of a cat. FOR MORE INFORMATION OR IF YOU WISH TO MEET MR WHISKERS, PLEASE CALL BRITTANY AT 908-399-1698 OR EMAIL AT

Note to potential adopters:  Most of our Cats either came from a pound, were abused, or abandoned (or all of the above!).  Animals that may at one time been housebroken or trained on a leash, may not be now because of the time they’ve been away from a stable environment.  We always ask that you give your adopted friend a fair chance to adjust to their new surroundings and to help them along with a regular schedule, and lots of your time and attention.  We believe our information is reliable, but it not guaranteed.

*Date of Birth is only an approximation.  Age is determined based on any available medical records or upon assessment by a vet.  Veterinarians are able to make an educated guess of age by examining a dog’s eyes, teeth, general health, etc

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