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Cat Pre-Adoption Application

 Date  _______________ Interested In _________________________________________________

**I understand that by filling out this pre-adoption form I am not obligated to adopt a dog/cat through the Pet Adoption League nor is the Pet Adoption League obligated to adopt a dog/cat to me.  Adoptions are at the sole discretion of the Pet Adoption League.  **Your initials ___________

Name  _________________________________________________________________________

Address  ________________________________________________________________________

City     ___________________               State                   Zip                  

E-mail Address                                                                                                                                      

Home Phone   _________________________    Work Phone   ____________________       _____  


1.  Is this cat being adopted for yourself or for someone else?  Self  q Someone else q

2.  In what type of housing do you reside?  Apt/Condo  q  Townhouse  q  Single Family  q

3.  Do you Own  q  or Rent  q                          If renting, does your lease permit pets?  Yes  q  No  q

                         Is there a size or weight limitation?  Yes  q  No  q

                         Landlordís Name       _____________________   Phone Number                                

4.  Do you live on a busy street?  Yes  q  No  q

5.  In your home, how many Adults?  ______  Children?  ______  Ages of Children?  _______________  

6.  Are you aware of any allergies in your household?  Yes  q  No  q  Describe   _________________       

7.  Why do you want to adopt this cat?    _______________________________________________      

8.  Are you fully aware of the cost of food and veterinary care?  Yes  q  No  q

9.  Are you willing to take responsibility for this cat for the rest of its life, 15 years or more?  Yes  q  No  q

10.  Will this be your first pet?  Yes  q  No  q

      How many pets do you currently own?  Dog ____ Cat ____ Other ____ Type                                     

      What pets have you owned in the past?    ______________________________________________  

      What happened to them?        _____________________________________________________    

      Have your cats been tested for feline leukemia?  Yes  q  No  q and feline aids?  Yes  q  No  q

11.  Who will have primary responsibility to care for this cat?                                                                         

12.  How many hours per day will this cat be left alone?              

13.  Will this cat be kept Indoors q Outside  q Both  q

14.  Where will the cat be kept during the day?                           At Night? ____________

15.  Do you agree to have this cat spayed/neutered?  Yes  q  No  q

16.  Are you planning on having the cat de-clawed?  Yes  q  No  q

17.  Who is your vet? (name/town) ______________________________________________________

18.  May we check with your vet as a reference?  Yes  q  No  q  Phone                                                       

19.  List two personal references (Non Related):

Name _________________________________________   Phone  ________________                     

Name _________________________________________   Phone  ________________                     

20.  How did you hear about PAL (if newspaper, which one)?  _________________________________  

21.  Are you interested in:  Foster care?  Yes  q  No  q  Volunteering?  Yes  q  No  q

This section for PAL Use Only:

Pet adopted __________________________     Tag Number: _____________    Date: _______________

Place: _______________________________     PAL Representative: _____________________________