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 ONLINE Pre-Adoption Application
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*** I understand that by filling out this pre-adoption form I am not obligated to adopt a dog/cat through the Pet Adoption League nor is the Pet Adoption League obligated to adopt a dog/cat to me.  Adoptions are at the sole discretion of the Pet Adoption League. 

Items marked by  * are required

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Address: *

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Please provide as much  information as possible  to help us to  get  to  know your situation better.

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  1. Is this being adopted for yourself or someone else ?
  2. In what type of housing do you reside?  Apt/Condo Townhouse   Single Family
  3. Do you Own      or Rent If rent, does your lease permit pets?  Yes  No  
                                                   Is there a size or weight limitation?  Yes No  
    Landlord Name:   Phone Number:
  4. Do you live on a Busy Street?    Yes        No  

    For dog adoptions only
  6. Do you have a Yard that is fully fenced? Yes   No   Brief description
  7. If no fence, what method will  be used to  take your dog out doors?
  8. Will  You  take this dog  to  obedience training as needed? Yes No
  9. How do you plan to exercise your dog?


  11. In your Home, how many Adults?  Children? Ages of children?
  12. Why do you want to  adopt this ?
  13. Are you  aware of any allergies in your household? Yes   No  Describe:
  14. Are you fully aware of the cost of food and veterinary care? Yes No
  15. Are you willing to  take responsibility for this for the rest of its life (10-15 years)? Yes No
  16. Will this pet be your first?  Yes   No  
    How many  pet do  you  currently own? Dog:    Cats:    Others:    Type:
    IF you  currently own a dog,  What type/breed? Sex: ( M/F)
    What pets have you  owned?

    What Happened to them?
    Were/are your pets Spayed/Neutered? Yes   No  If no, why?

    For cat adoptions only

    Have your cats been tested for Feline leukemia? Yes      No     and feline aids? Yes      No

  17. Are you  planning on having the cat de-clawed? Yes      No


  19. Who will have primary responsibility to care for the Pet?
  20. How many hours per day will your pet be left alone?
  21. Where will  your   be kept during the day?   At night?
  22. Will your pet be kept:  Indoors   Outdoors Both  
  23. Do you agree to have this spayed/neutered? Yes      No
  24. Who is your Vet? ( Name & Town )
  25. Vet's phone number:
  26. May we check with your vet as a reference? Yes No
  27. List three personal references (Non family):
    Name: Phone:
    Name: Phone:
    Name: Phone:
  28. How did you hear about PAL (if Newspaper, which one)?
  29.  Are you interested in : Foster Care Program?   Volunteering  

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