I Need to Find a Home for my Pet

So, you're looking to find a new home for your pet? Since the Pet Adoption League does not have its own shelter, it's difficult for us to take in pets from private homes. Besides your pet will be much more comfortable living at home with you during this process than being placed in a kennel. Whatever the reason may be, if you are looking to find a new home for your pet, it's going to take time and effort on your part. How much you put into it will determine your success. There are several things PAL can offer to help you in successfully placing your pet into a new home.

  • 1. Send us photo(s) and a complete bio. Be as honest as possible. This helps in placing the pet into an ideal home. People don't like surprises! The bio must include the following information:
    •  Your name, address, and phone number
    •  Pet's name
    •  Sex
    •  Weight
    •  Whether its spayed or neutered Age
    •  Reason for surrender
    •  How pet is with dogs
    •  How pet is with cats
    •  How pet is with children
    •  Other important information. This should include both good and bad habits. How is the pet on a leash? How is the pet in a car? How is the pet with strangers? How is the pet home alone? Does the dog jump fences? Does the cat rampage the house? The more you tell us, the better it will be to place the pet.
    •  Ideal placement. What new situation would best suite your pet? Would your dog fare better with a large family with lots of activity or would a quiet home be better? Does your cat need to be the only pet or does it prefer a companion?
    • When you send us this information we will add your pet to our web site at www.palpets.org and Petfinder at www.petfinder.org - a nationwide pet adoption service. Your first name and phone number will be included so potential adopters will contact you directly. We will also bring your pet's information to all of our adoptions and fundraisers.
    • We ask for a  $10 donation for this service.
  • 2. Create a simple flyer with your pet's picture, a short description, and your phone number. A good picture is worth a thousand words. Hang the flyers at pet supply stores and vet offices - places where people with pets go! Go beyond your local hometown and spread out to all surrounding towns, too. You want to get the word out! But be careful running ads in newspapers or hanging flyers at grocery stores, you have no idea what type of person will respond!
  • 3. Be sure to screen potential adopters thoroughly; you want to do everything possible to make sure your pet is going into a good home with responsible guardians! And before your pet does go into a new home, please make sure your pet is up to date with all vaccinations and most importantly, spayed or neutered!
  • 4. If you take the time to do any of these things, it will increase the chances of finding your pet a new home. If you do all three, although there is no guarantee, there is a good chance of finding your pet a new home. You must be patient and persistent. Your pet's future depends on it.

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