Payment for Tricky Tray.

If you  wish to  make a payment by credit card, please provide the information requested and click the DONATE button below (last day for charge orders is 9/30/2017). To complete the transaction click the RETURN TO PET ADOPTION LEAGUE button on the PayPal payment verification form.

If you  prefer to  send in a check click HERE for a printer friendly form that  is to be mailed with your check.

You  will receive verification of your order within 7 days of purchase. Tickets will be held for you  at the door. If you  have any questions regarding your ticket purchase, please contact Barbara Esposito at 908-256-0131 between 9AM and 5PM .


First Name :   * Last Name:   *

Address1:  *


City:   * State:  *   Zip: *

Home Phone: (   )   -  

Work Phone:  (   )   -  

Fee: $20 per person includes 2 sheets of tickets each.

Entrance fee for (how many?)     Amount: $                                                           each

If you  are purchasing admission for more than 1 person, their names MUST be listed below:

( * required fields)

In order for us to  complete the transaction please click the RETURN TO PET ADOPTION LEAGUE button on the PayPal verification screen.

 Please click button at right  to make the payment  via PayPal     




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